Smoke Detectors, Smoke devices Kenya

Standalone wireless smoke + gas detectors

Smoke Detectors, Smoke devices Kenya

smoke alarm,stand alone smoke detectors

Smoke alarm detectors are designed for domestic usage such as a house, villa and apartment, etc. Built with high-quality components and advanced technology, the alarm has an excellently stable performance and low power consumption. A 9V battery will operate up to one year. It can be easily installed, no commission required. Utilize internal buzzer to provide a loud local alarm. By using the output terminal, the alarm can be linked to other alarms in a common alarm network or can be interfaced to other systems.Smoke Detectors, Smoke devices Kenya

Smoke detector Kenya is one of the best and cheapest ways to provide an early warning when a fire begins. Smoke Alarms save lives, prevent Injuries and minimize property damage by alerting resident early to a fire hazard.

Key features and benefits

  1. Self contain Optical Smoke detector and alarm sounder
  2. Test and reset button
  3.  9v operated battery
  4.  Easy installation
  5.  LED indicator for 360º vision

Seetec Solutions Kenya offers stand alone smoke detectors in Kenya, we are dedicated to giving our clients maximum security in their residential homes or business organizations; Contact us today to discuss strategy, supply and installation.

Smoke alarms (smoke alarm also called fire alarm) save lives, prevent injuries and minimize damage by alerting you to a fire as early as smoke is sensed by the detector.